Eddie Ostrowski

I honed his photographic talent in the dynamic skateboarding and punk rock music scenes of the Bay Area during the 1980s. As a young photographer I was influenced by artists like Joel Peter-Witkin, Francesca Woodman, the Starn Brothers, Robert Rauschenberg, Francis Bacon and Nan Goldin. I experimented with unconventional artistic techniques including working directly on photographic negatives, scratching them, using photo bleach, charcoal, paint, and various other methods to arrive at something purely original. I started out as a painter back in the day and was drawn to photography as an extension of my art. So combining paint and photography was just a logical progression for me.

Serving San Jose, Santa Clara, and all the Silicon Valley

As I matured as an artist he was inspired by the masters of glamour photography like George Hurrell and Horst P Horst. This fascination with classic glamour photography led me to explore the pinup photographers of the 50s and 60s. I would spend hours pouring over classic Hollywood stars' photographs, studying how these photographers lit their subject. I got rid of my strobes and only used hot lamps for a long time, it taught me to slow down and really see what I was doing on set. Bunny Yeager and Russ Meyer showed me you can make sexy images with an attitude, this fit well with my inner punk rocker.

Today I utilizes all these influences and more to create provocative, superior images for clients all over the Bay Area.